With over 35 years' experience in the Baking equipment supply Industry, BRS have personally handpicked the brands we supply and service to bakeries and patisserie's all around Perth and W.A. 



Since 1929, over 80 years, Polin has been a leader in the designing

and manufacturing of bread and bakery ovens for small workrooms 

to large industries. BRS can confidently offer the following Polin



Polin Ovens, Polin Rack Ovens, Polin Deck Ovens, Wind Ovens, Rotary Ovens

Polin Mixers – Planetary Mixers, Spiral Fork Mixer and Twin Arm Mixer

Polin Retarder Provers

Polin Biscuit and Cookie Machines – Mulitdrop and Rotary Moulder

Polin Bread Divider Rounder Moulders – Baguette Formers, Ciabatta Divider

Polin Dough Sheeters – Manual and Automatic

Polin Cooling Units 



As a leading supplier for 25 years, providing portioning depositors

to bakeries and food manufacturers worldwide, BRS chooses Unifiller

for the following products to help you streamline your production operations;


Unifiller Depositors – Filling Equipment and Machinery, Filling Lines

Unifiller Food Depositors and Pumps

Unifiller Cake Decorating Systems

Unifiller Decorating Equipment 

Unifiller Cookie Machines



The bakery, food service and packaging industry turns to Edhard for

metering and filling systems to save time and material. That’s why BRS

choose to supply these units to our own customers;


Edhard Bench Top Filling Units

Edhard Metering Units   edhard

Edhard Cake Decorating Units



Since 1923 Belshaw equipment has been helping top worldwide bakeries,

service chains, bakery cafes and supermarkets, produce the highest

quality donuts. At BRS we rely on Belshaw to supply the following;


Belshaw Donut Machines and Donut Systems belshaw

Belshaw Donut Machine Parts

Belshaw Donut Equipment

Belshaw Cake Donut Depositors

Belshaw Pancake Dispensers

Belshaw Hand held Donut Depositors

Belshaw Donut Fryers



RAM s.r.l. has been in the baking industry for over 20 years, which is why

BRS choose to supply their range of reliable products and machines for

bakeries, pastry shops and pizzeria’s in Perth.


RAM Dough Dividers

RAM Dividers Rounderram

RAM Bun Dividers 

RAM Planetary Mixers

RAM Automatic Sheeter

RAM Manual Sheeter

RAM Press Dough/Butter



Marden s.r.l. manufacture made-to-measure loading and unloading equipment

in the baking industry. BRS offer the entire range of;


Marden Continuous Oven Loading Systems

 Trima logo                                                                    

 Trima offers a full range of automatic divider rounders and complete systems for round rolls and finger rolls/hot dog rolls.  


Established in 1975, Grants Bakery Equipment specialises in the design and

manufacture of quality Stainless Steel baking equipment, including an extensive

range of utensils and brush ware. That’s why BRS choose them to supply

a range of products including;


Grants Bakery Equipment, Grants cake tins and Grants baking trays

Bread Pan Sets and Lids, Muffin Trays, Roll Trays, French Stick Trays,

Grizzini Trays, Cooling Wires, Forms and Cutters, Pie Pallets, Racks, Baskets and Dollies.


Plus a full range of ancillary items including;

Custom made Stainless Steel Benches

Water Metersgrants

Water Chillers



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